What is Raw Hair?

Au Naturale Tresses only provides high quality, luxury hair extensions. This means that our hair is not mixed with animal products and has not been chemically altered. Each bundle comes directly from one donor. Therefore, you should experience minimum shedding and no tangling or matting.


What is the life-span of these extensions?

Our textured tresses have been tested over a period of time for its quality, resilience and maintenance requirements; to assure that we provide our customers with high quality, luxury hair. With the proper care, Au Naturale Tresses can last 5 or more years. As long you take care of your investment, your investment will take care of you.


How often should I wash my wigs and extensions?

Our wigs and tresses should be treated just as you would treat your own natural hair. It is important to co-wash your extensions and wigs bi-weekly with a high quality conditioner such as Joico.

Step 1: Place your wig or extensions into cool water

Step 2: Apply conditioner to the hair and massage in with your hands (do not detangle while it is dry and before adding conditioner) 

Step 3: Allow conditioner to stay on the hair for 30 minutes to an hour

Step 4: Detangle with a Denman brush starting at the ends and moving upwards 

Step 5: Rinse with cool water and allow the hair to air dry completely

When the hair has become oily or heavy, this means that there is product build-up and should be shampooed with a sulfate free, clarifying shampoo such as Dove.